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How It Works

Step 1:

Insert top of suction cup into the bottom of the post and squeeze together with your thumb and forefinger. Requires a firm squeeze

Step 2:

Place the suction cup at the edge of your sink and firmly press down on the post of the NOOK™ to engage the NOOK™ and the suction cup. After, the NOOK™ with suction cup should always remain attached.

*Some surfaces require running some water onto the bottom of the suction cup for the suction cup to adhere to the surface.

Step 3:

Press firmly on the front of the NOOK™. The NOOK™ shouldn’t move. But if flimsy, re-apply and make sure the NOOK™ fits firmly at the end of the sink. The back edge of the NOOK’s shield should be touching against the side of the sink.

* To remove, pull up on the small tab on the suction cup and lift the NOOK™ with suction cup.

Step 4:

Push in tab at the right side of the cover and lift the cover.

Step 5:

There are two slots. Insert your toothbrush ‘head-down’ into the back slot.

Press down on the right-side tab and front tab to click the cover closed

Step 6:

For electric brushes, place ‘head-down’ into the front slot. Press down on the right-side tab and back tab to click the cover shut.