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Time to rethink how you store your toothbrush

It’s the 21st century, and we know for a fact that where you store your toothbrush impacts your oral hygiene. Not to mention your toothbrush deserves a better home than that crusty cup on your counter!

Thanks to a protective, clean and minimalist design, your toothbrush can drip-dry directly into your sink at home or when traveling. Say goodbye to gross buildup and your toothbrush sharing damp, bacteria-ridden spaces!

Discover Our Debut Product: NOOK™ Toothbrush Holder

Perfect for all ages, all bathrooms and most brushes. Get it, use it, love it—and come back to find more new products. This is just our beginning.

A hygienic toothbrush holder that decreases bacteria, better protects your toothbrush and improves your oral care. Every home deserves a NOOK™.

Breast Cancer Pledge

In memory of my mom, Barbara K. Gellman, NOOK™ is proud to donate to breast cancer research in honor of her accomplishments, legacy, and her love of laughter that gave my family peace, solace, and hope to endure. I’m thankful for the many cancer research organizations whose commitments gave my mom many more years together with my dad, brother, sister, and me. And gave my family hope. A hope that proved vital to our quality of life, through times of hardship. My donation is with the hope and aspiration for a time when no woman will hear the words, “You have breast cancer.”

Breast Cancer Pledge

My mom, Barbara K. Gellman, had a life both wildly charmed and excruciatingly challenging. Hers was a life full of parties, singing, celebration, and standing up to every challenge. My mom led a courageous, grueling, determined, and hope-filled fight against a brutal disease. She had four cancers over the course of thirty years. Her first was when I was just two months old. For all the trials that cancer brought into her life, my mom did have a happily-ever-after born of laughter, devotion, and faith. And I lost her one month before my thirtieth birthday. I love her . . . I miss her . . . and I dedicate NOOK™ to my mom.

Responsibly Made From Start to Finish

Made in the USA

NOOK™ is manufactured and packaged in New Jersey. By keeping operations close to home, we’re able to support local communities and limit the environmental impact that comes with shipping goods from overseas factories.

100% Recyclable Materials

NOOK™ is made of 100% recyclable polypropylene and BDP, an organic ingredient that allows microbes to eat plastic. Learn more about NOOK Sustainability.

Made to Last

We gave NOOK™ a simple design and a durable makeup so it doesn’t break or need replacing.

From Idea to Reality: The NOOK™ Creation Journey


NOOK's first iteration was a suction cup and a wire hook that allowed a toothbrush to hang over the sink so it could drip-dry. 


After Prototype 1, we added a stump with a notch to the design. This gives the toothbrush the ideal angle to hang over the ledge of the sink without touching the side or hanging too far into the sink.


We were happy with the way NOOK™ sat over the sink but knew we needed to add a cover and shield to protect against splash and bacteria. After 38 prototypes over four years, we finally nailed the design and prepared for production!