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Nook Toothbrush Holder


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The simplest, most hygienic toothbrush holder

Dentist Approved

“As a wellness and integrative dentist, I am excited to see a great product like NOOK™ available for my clients! Having a clean environment to store your brush is just another way to keep our mouth and body healthy!”

Dr. Radhika Kapoor CEO
Hoboken Smile Specialists and Smile Wellness

“I use NOOK™ every night. It’s a great way to reduce microbial biofilm.”

Dr. Paul Levinsky
Levinsky Family Dentistry

“We recommend NOOK™ to all our patients to improve their oral condition by reducing germs. It’s an important tool in our effort to create oral health!"

Dr. Peter Feibish
Hoboken Orthodontics

The Future of Toothbrush Storage

NOOK’s revolutionary design replaces all the unsightly and unhygienic toothbrush storage solutions brushers have been making due with for too long. It’s time for the Cup-er, Sink-er, Crust-er and Cap-er to go—for good!



Fits Most Manual & Electric Toothbrushes

NOOK’s versatile design allows both manual and electric toothbrushes to drip-dry upside down. Say goodbye to crusty, moldy toothbrush bases!


NOOK’s compact, lightweight design makes it the best travel toothbrush holder. Skip the hotel cups and keep your toothbrush protected on the road!

Designed for Maximum Protection & Airflow

NOOK’s open back and bottom allow your toothbrush to drip-dry directly into the sink without restricting airflow or compromising hygiene.